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WEST CAMEROON: 88-year-old man baptized in Douala

Posted on May 16 2019

[Photo - Abraham B.: Papa Ndongo being baptized]

Mr. Ndongo Gaston is one of 162 baptized after an operation called "Mission Apostre 52". The divine service was held at the CAMTEL stadium on Saturday, April 27, 2019.

More than four thousand people took part in the closing ceremony of the missionary activity. "This is the first event in the history of the Adventist Church in our Conference," said Pastor Njock David Vivian, President of the Western Cameroon Conference (WCC). Many people gathered for the occasion and what caught the attention of all was the presence of an old man among the candidates; Ndong Gaston from Bonaberi site (Dikolo), one of the districts of Douala. His new life in Jesus Christ gave him a new hope.

Pastor Fopah Michel, director of evangelism of the Conference, could not hide his joy, so he said: "God is really wonderful. What we experienced in this program surprised everyone and the members themselves are out of words”. Pastor Fopah then explained the project he initiated and that the Church adopted and enriched:" Mission Apôtre 52 began in the month of January 2019 and was spread over ten stages, the last of which being the pastors’ campaign. We kept the number 52 because we originally wanted to work on 52 sites. Our methods consisted of community activities, seminars on health and well-being, Bible studies and music. "

 The first act was the small group campaign from March 03 to 17, 2019 on 123 sites and it produced 75 baptisms in the city of Douala. This action paved the way for community activities and 4500 Bible studies. The second missionary act is the one that produced this wonderful result. The aim was a spiritual exercise of three weeks of prayers for Cameroon, stressing on health issues through presentations, disease screening campaigns and preaching the message of truth.

 Speakers worked on 35 sites from April 09 to 27, 2019 on the theme "At the heart of despair, there are answers." They were inspired by the work of Alejandro Bullon. Pastor Same Vincent Roger, Evangelism Director of the West-Central Africa Division, preached on the main site from April 17 to 27, 2019 on the theme "A prophetic adventure, the Apocalypse demystified". At the end of it all with enthusiasm, he said: "We share with God his joy".

 The same goes with Pasteur Njock David Vivian who declared that: "I am delighted to see the members engaged in souls winning in a difficult socio-political context. It is important to look to Jesus Christ who has the solution to all problems. We bless the Lord and we will continue in the same way. "

 The socio-political context in the regions of North-West and South-West Cameroon is very difficult. With hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people, churches are closed and thus, the functioning of institutions takes a serious blow. But the Adventist Church in Cameroon has mobilized to support the affected population with the help of ADRA Cameroon the amount of nearly 30 million F CFA.


BAKARI Abraham


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