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Posted on Apr 16 2019

[Photo: Pastor Emmanuel Gbazi Jugbo is preaching]

A group of more than three hundred people, mostly youths are now gainfully employed in the Plateau State Civil Service through the tireless efforts of a sincere representative of Christ.

The leader of the group,  Mr. Sylvester Dalong,  made this known during a thanksgiving service organized by the beneficiaries at Seventh Day Adventist Church Gada biyu Jos, Plateau State. 
Mr. Dalong said they were initially adhoc staff with the Ministry of Lands and Survey Plateau state, but the State government approved their employment as permanent staff on 10 April 2014. Sadly, the succeeding administration terminated their appointment in 2015 without any justifiable reason. 
"But with the intervention of Yohanna Manoah's Charity, an Elder in the Gada Biyu Seventh day Adventist Church,  the joy in our  hearts today knows no bound as God made it possible for us to be reabsorbed ",  he testified. 
Mr Dalong, a member of Roman Catholic Church from Qua'an Pan Local Government of the state added: “
We came to say thank you to God for the remarkable things He has done for us using Elder Yohanna Manoah who showed compassion devoid of tribal, ethnic or religous affliation”

Another beneficiary, Mr Bot Rwang, a member of Church of Christ in Nations, from Barkin Ladi L.G.C appreciated God for making Elder Manoah an agent of positive change to this generation.
Rwang said: "So many us were roaming on the streets without jobs, but Elder Manoah's assistance has enabled us to secure a job with the state government, and that is why we came to his church to say thank you God".
Delivering his message at the thanksgiving Service,  the President of the  Seventh Day Adventist Church, North East Nigeria Conference, Pastor Emmanuel  Jugbo said the Church sincerely appreciates Elder Yohanna  Manoah  for  his act of benevolence, appealing that Adventist members who are in position of authority should emulate such spirited gestures to help lift unemployed people, especially the teeming unemployed graduates out of poverty. 

 In his Sermon titled "Where are the Nine?", referring to Luke  17: 15-17, Pastor Jugbo noted the act of gratitude of the leper who came to thank Jesus. Indeed, he was not only healed, but new hope was also given to him. Unlike the other nine, he came back to thank the Lord for the gift of a new life. This is the approach followed by our brothers who came to celebrate God with us today.
The Pastor showered praises and blessings upon Elder Manoah for representing the Church well in the ministry, and called on members to emulate him.
On his part, elder Yohanna Manoah explained that the gesture was borne out of his love to Jesus and constant desire to serve humanity.

"Whenever I am to celebrate my birthday,  I always wish to reflect on the number of lives I have touched within the period in focus",  Elder Manoah reflected,  encouraging members of the body of Christ especially, Seventh Day Adventist to put machinery in motion and enhance empowerment program for youths in the Church and beyond.

Communication Director North East Nigeria Conference.


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