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JORDAN - ADRA GAIN: Communication At the Heart of Service

Posted on Feb 26 2019


The Global Adventist Internet Network (GAiN) Conference is being held from February 22 to March 1, 2019 in Amman, Jordan. The very first edition coupled with ADRA.


More than 600 participants from over 60 countries around the world are taking part in the conference in a joint venture with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA). The Director of Communication for the General Conference of the Adventist Church, William Costa explains the innovation: "It’s the first time that we are organizing the GAiN in partnership. We chose ADRA because there are so many humanitarian challenges. Then I thought that we must involve communicators for and with the success of that cause. If we have everybody supporting this initiative it will make a big difference. And I am delighted at the response and with the success of this project”.


On Saturday morning, February 23, 2019, after divine service at the Hilton Hotel Dead Sea Convention Center, participants explored Mount Nebo, where Moses went to contemplate the Promised Land from afar. From there, the footsteps followed those of John the Baptist. And there, peacefully flowing is The Jordan River where the Lord and Savior Jesus-Christ was baptized. The eyes were bright of emotions.


The following day, nearly two hundred and fifty people went to visit Jerusalem and Bethlehem in Israel while another group went to Petra, the city carved in the rocks. Satisfaction was to be seen on the faces of those who touched the rock that Moses struck and tasted of its still flowing water. Clear and fresh, this source is preciously guarded.


After these happy outings of discovery and communion in the footsteps of the Savior, patriarchs and prophets, GAIN's work in plenary and in workshops (ADRA, Hope Channel, IT, SUN Plus, AWR, ACMS ...) crystallized the attentions. It is at this level of commitment that the Treasurer of the General Conference, Juan Prestol-Puesan, will say: "You have convinced me of the seriousness of this initiative. I see everyone focused and eager to bring something more. "


The Director of Communication for the  West-Central Africa Division (WAD) Irineo Koch is visibly satisfied. He said: "I am very pleased to see such a great opportunity to facilitate service and impact so many lives. I am happy because we have come together to discuss ways and means to successfully achieve the Mission." The WAD President, Elie Weick-Dido led the delegation in Jordan, the land of king Hussein.


The GAiN conference has a bright future. William Costa believes it: "We hope we will do it in partnership with other departments. For example, GAIN for education or GAIN for health. In so doing, people will understand all the challenges of the Church and spread the vision that creates commitment."


Abraham BAKARI


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